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Anasuya Being Live gets angry on Fan who called her ITEM

anasuya-angryAnchor anasuya recently had a live video conversation in social media with her fans. She was anwering the questions which were being asked by her fans. Anasuya is presently acting in Sai Dharamtej’s upcoming movie “Winner”. She will be dancing in a special song as a special appearence in this movie.


While being live a fan asked Anasuya “Is it true that you are acting in an Item song for Winner movie ?” As soon as Anasuya listened the word item she got angry on that fan and asked “What is item? Do you know the meaning of that word? It means a thing, do you think girls are things ? We are just performing this to entertain the people, please don’t say that as Item song”  said Anasuya in a anger mood.

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