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A Video of Radhika Apte having Romance with an Actor has been Robbed

Video of Radhika Apte having Romance with an Actore has been theft

Radhika Apte having Romance

There were many gossips on daring and dashing actress Radhika Apte that she is doing some nude scenes for her next movie. This has become a big buzz for all. While a media interview she accepted saying that the buzz is not a gossip and revealed that it is true that she has acted in some nude scenes.

Some time ago we also had a gossip on Radhika that some nude selfies of her bath were released online. When media approached and asked her about this she question fired on them to check whether that pics match her. Such kind of daring answers are only possible to be heared from Radhika Apte.

Coming to the latest gossip Radhika Apte ¬†having romance with a hero which she recorded in her mobile, unfortunately that mobile was theft by a robber. Hold it for now, this is not a real news, this is the script of her upcoming movie titled “Bombairiya”. Radhika Apte will be seen in a role of shooting team member who will have romance with the hero. She records that In her mobile, after which the mobile will be theft. How Meghna(Radhika Apte) will catch that robber and how she saves her without the video being leaked is the story of that film.

To conclude we can say that this kind of dashing roles are only possible to this daring actress Radhika Apte.


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